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This Must Be Our Place

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

This place is my home. It has been woven into the fiber of my being, and I have felt the ups and the downs with Northern California from birth, through adolescence, and onward to adulthood. There is something so special about this area. Its beauty, natural resources, bountiful harvests, and vibrant culture are second to none. As a lifelong Sonoma County resident, I have had the good fortune to share my love for the area with family, friends, and clients. My knowledge and deep roots in the community have connected me with so many amazing people. Those people, the ones I have met, and come to love, coupled with the bounty our county has to offer creates this personal paradise.

I have a well-rounded knowledge of Sonoma County and the specific communities that live here. I have worked in mortgage lending, new construction sales and leasing, mixed-use community, property management, home warranty, assisted living for the elderly and homeowner association knowledge. All of these different communities have different needs and goals, depending, and I have had the fortune of working with all of them. This extra level of understanding can make all the difference. Especially in this time of recovery and new growth. Having an understanding of the options that lay ahead of you, given what it behind you, can create a safe and valuable foundation on which to build, grow, or rebuild your life here in Northern California.

From the Redwoods to the Sonoma Coast, I love everything this region has to offer. It is where I have grown, changed, and thus this place is in my every cell. My true passion is this incredible place, where we rise from all challenges, where we come together in the hardest of times, in hopes for a brighter future. This land, with its rolling hills that provides for its community, the ocean, the trees, and mostly, the people, I am fortunate to share this place, and my life with you.

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